For Music Teachers Only!

College Planning Expert with Ulterior Motives

Welcome, teachers, to your very own (secret) web page!

As a college planning expert, I help music students create a plan of action to get themselves into college – to major in music OR to study something (anything!) else and participate in music at the same time. My clients get in to their top school choices AND win scholarship money – LOTS of money! Several have won FULL TUITION scholarships to play music in college.

I love working with these kids and their families, and it is a thrill to see them succeed.

But, I also have something else in mind. (This is where YOU come in!!)

I am on a mission to save every single music program, private teaching studio, youth performing ensemble, and private music school in the country.

You and I both know the importance of musical training for kids. We know about all of the benefits to their brains, their social skills, listening skills, their empathy, their ability to work toward long-term goals, and 10 million other benefits that come with studying music. Telling YOU about it is “preaching to the choir.” (Lame pun absolutely intended!)

I also know how difficult it is, in your position, to convince parents that continuing with private lessons, staying in school ensembles, auditioning for various festivals, and performing in solo and small ensemble recitals is worth doing – especially during this Age of COVID19.

I have been teaching flute privately for over 30 years and owned a music school for 22 of them. Whenever I tried to explain to parents the EXTENSIVE benefits of “doing” music, they would say that I was just trying to convince them to be customers at my school.

Every now and then, a parent would encounter someone who was not affiliated with my school, an “outsider”, who confirmed everything I had been telling them about keeping their kid in music. THEN the parent would buy in to the concept and become convinced that musical training had huge benefits for any student.

I came to wish that every parent would talk with an outsider.

I no longer own that brick-and-mortar business. And, I know firsthand that music teachers need an outsider who can talk to parents and get them PSYCHED to have their kids stay in music all the way through high school.

So, I decided to become the outsider. YOUR outsider!

I have been donating my time to speak with music parent groups, showing them the benefits of keeping their kids in music all the way through high school. We talk about how their musical training can help with college acceptance and scholarship money. We talk about the personal benefits students experience through music. We talk about the academic and business-related skills that students gain through music. We talk about people I have met who have relied on their musical background for community and enrichment through their entire lives. And, I give them a worksheet to use throughout high school to keep track of all of their kids’ musical activities.

By the end of the talk, parents are pumped up and excited to keep supporting musical training for their kids.

I would love to be Your Outsider. To be the cheerleader behind you, keeping families committed to the musical training you provide.

Let’s chat – about your work, your students, your organization, your successes, and your challenges. I will be thrilled to give you my time, and to be the outsider I wish I had when I was in your shoes.

Use this link to schedule a Zoom meeting:

Then, if it would be helpful to you and your program, we can schedule a free group Zoom meeting for all of the music parents in your world.

I can’t wait to meet with you!

Be well.