Don’t Feel Like Practicing?

What do you do if you are a musical teen who doesn’t feel like practicing? A parent once told me that if a kid doesn’t LOVE practicing, then studying music at some level is not for them. She is an accountant, so I asked her, “Do you LOVE tallying numbers? Are you dying to get […]

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Med Schools Love Musicians

It might sound crazy, but medical schools are actively recruiting high-end musicians. When you think about medical students, you probably imagine recent college graduates with degrees in biology, chemistry, or even physics. So, why are medical schools so interested in people with music degrees?! It’s simple – musicians know how to learn skills. They understand […]

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Big or Small Music Program?

Lots of musical teens get this advice from well-meaning guidance professionals: if you would like to play music in college while majoring in something else, go to a university with a high-end music degree program. That will give you access to world-class professors and high-end ensembles. Right? Kinda. . . Schools with famous music departments […]

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Audition Day Nightmare

Avoid this HUGE nightmare! It’s easy to do with a simple plan. Years ago, I was working with a brilliant, hard-working student who wanted to go to college for music performance. As I do with all of my clients, I instructed him to make a comprehensive list of all of the audition requirements for each […]

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Does Holiday Music Count?

Never tell anyone important that you performed a virtual holiday concert for your Bubbe and the other seniors at her retirement home! Right? Over the past holiday season, a teen who couldn’t visit his grandmother in person (because, pandemic!) planned a little virtual holiday concert for her and her friends. He told me about it […]

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Virtual Auditions – Yes or No?

“I am not taking the All-State audition this year. It’s not worth it if it’s virtual.” I recently taught an audition preparation class to a group of teen musicians. A couple of the attendees told me that they are not preparing for this year’s All-State audition because they don’t want to bother if it’s virtual. […]

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Concert Was Canceled. Now What?

Your favorite teen musician worked their butt off, took an intense audition, WON a spot in a high-end ensemble or festival, started rehearsals, and the event was canceled. Now what? This question has suddenly become common. COVID-19 stopped musical performances and events dead in their tracks, and teens wonder what that means for their level […]

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What is a Music Resume?

Whether you plan to major in music or simply play music at the college level, every serious teen musician needs a music resume. But, what is it? A music resume is a formal account of your experience on your instrument. Through it, professors, admission directors, scholarship committees, conductors, and other professionals learn about your training […]

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Music Beat Athletics

Several years ago, a student I was teaching had a big primary goal: attend college on a field hockey scholarship. She did all of the right things – captain of a winning team, high-end field hockey camps, All-Star player in her state, and played for lots of college coaches at recruitment events. Everyone knew that […]

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