Private College Coaching

Designed specifically for your musical teen

Through one-on-one counseling, musical teens and their families are led through the process of determining how to include music in their college studies – as a major, as a minor, or as an activity.

Once their goals are outlined, we work together to research and discuss potential college programs. Finding the right fit is different for each student and their family, so care is taken to create the perfect list of schools to consider.

Students also work on creating a professional music resume and repertoire list to use in communications with music departments, scholarship applications, and other “marketing” activities. Learning how to leverage their musical training for any program or career is an important aspect of our work together.

All private coaching meetings take place via Zoom. Students and their parents are also invited to periodic online office hours to ask any questions, seek additional advice, and interact with other families. Former clients and their families are welcome to attend these office hours indefinitely. (And, it is fun to have them come back and share their experiences and new challenges!)

By the end of our time together, students know exactly how to proceed with the college application process. They are in regular contact with professors and department chairs who are excited to have them at their schools. Most Music Builds Lives clients are accepted into their top choices, and many receive substantial scholarships to participate in music at the college level.

what questions do you and your musical teen have about their future?

I will be happy to discuss them with you. Schedule an appointment and tell me all about your musical teen. I can’t wait to meet you both!