For Parents Only

I see you sitting in the audience, and I know what you are feeling: proud, excited, supportive, and WORRIED.

What does the future look like for your child? Will they go to college? What will they study? How will you pay for it?! What activities should they be doing to earn great opportunities down the road? Is it worth fighting with a kid when they don’t want to practice?

Who can help navigate these waters?


College acceptance is about far more than grades and test scores. Schools are discovering that many students do not have the skills necessary to be successful at the college level and beyond. But, they are also seeing that MUSIC STUDENTS have skills that others do not: independent learning, listening, working with others, taking criticism, working hard toward a distant goal, confidence, staying strong under pressure, mastering skills, memorization, leadership, and many more. Graduate schools of medicine, research, and law are now actively recruiting students with music degrees because they are capable of practicing skills long-term – something the average person does not learn.

My programs have been designed over years of experience helping music students plan for college – whether they plan to major in music or any other field. I help them build a resume that will demonstrate their unique skills and show them how to use that background to become a leading candidate for any college program. And, I have successfully lead my clients to win sizable scholarships to participate in music while in college.

I can help YOU.

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Your teen’s musical training will open doors – I will guide them through.