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I am Trisha Craig, and I created a unique system for guiding music students from practicing at home to attending the college of their dreams – whether they want to major in music or something else!

fast results in a supportive setting

Feeling isolated

Musical teens are accustomed to running to rehearsals, working in-person with private lessons, preparing for live performances, attending masterclasses and summer programs, taking auditions, interacting with professionals, and sharing space with dozens of other young musicians. All of that has been taken away by the world’s current pandemic.

My group coaching brings musical families together while figuring out the process of choosing colleges and majors. Working with other people who are going through the same challenges is an energizing way to reconnect while supporting your musical teen.

Wondering about options

What opportunities exist at the college level for young musicians? How can I help my teen decide whether to major in music or something else? Is there scholarship money available for music students who want to participate in music while majoring in another subject? How can I determine if a college is a good fit for my kid? What is the best way for my musical teen to stand out during the college application process? How will auditions be handled during this COVID-19 era?

These questions are on the minds of every parent that I work with. Joining a coaching group will give everyone access to the questions on each other’s minds – perhaps bringing up topics you hadn’t considered. And, the group setting gives me an opportunity to present extra topics and in-depth discussions.

It is also an amazing opportunity for your musical teen to make new connections, while YOU create strong alliances with other similar families.

added accountability

Learning within a group adds a feeling of urgency and accountability to the process – especially for teens. Everyone feeds off of each other’s successes and breakthroughs. And, cheering each other on is highly encouraged.

This process is exactly what your teen is craving while trying to figure out what to do about college and beyond!

join our next group

The next college planning group will be scheduled in February 2021 and run for eight weeks. By the end of the session, all students will:

  • have a clear understanding of which majors to consider
  • know how to include music in their own college experience
  • understand how to find potential scholarship money at each school
  • be able to communicate clearly with various college departments
  • have a professional music resume and repertoire list ready for any application
  • be confident in their ability to “market” themselves to colleges
  • be ready to leverage the skills they learned via musical training in any interview
  • be EXCITED about their future and their amazing potential

This group is best suited for students who have completed junior or sophomore year in high school, but other motivated students are welcome.

Essay-writing bonus added

A special guest workshop has been added to the next Group Coaching Session: Cara Kalf is a college essay coach whose clients attend Ivy League and other elite schools. She will present a workshop on how to think about and write college essays.

“Why doesn’t anyone else tell us this stuff?!

Brianna Jagjit, bass student

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