Virtual Auditions – Yes or No?

“I am not taking the All-State audition this year. It’s not worth it if it’s virtual.”

I recently taught an audition preparation class to a group of teen musicians. A couple of the attendees told me that they are not preparing for this year’s All-State audition because they don’t want to bother if it’s virtual.

Do it anyway!

Every audition you take is an opportunity to improve, get familiar with the process, learn to be comfortable under pressure, and to practice assigned repertoire with a deadline and goal in mind. This experience will make it easier to take future auditions that can have a big impact on your life: for college, scholarship money, and professional gigs.

Having gone through auditions under various (potentially weird!) circumstances means that no typical situation can throw you: a cold room, being behind a screen, bad acoustics, or loudly humming lights (I’ve been there – yikes!).

Nothing will be as unusual as COVID-19 virtual auditions (do I dare challenge the universe with that statement?!), so all of your future experiences will be easier with this season under your belt.

Plus, the professional critique which comes with the results is always helpful and something you and your private teacher can use for planning.

And, what if you get accepted?! Then, you will be able to say that you are one of the top musicians in your state.

Some states and districts will not be having festivals this year and will simply announce the audition results. Others will have a virtual master class for the winners. And, some are planning some sort of recorded video performance.

Any of those opportunities are worth having. They will make you a better, more experienced musician. They will help you to grow on your instrument and as a human.

And, they will make YOU the student who didn’t give up. What a great way to stand out to potential colleges and employers!

Need a pep talk? I give them out FREE of charge.

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