Audition Day Nightmare

Avoid this HUGE nightmare! It’s easy to do with a simple plan. Years ago, I was working with a brilliant, hard-working student who wanted to go to college for music performance. As I do with all of my clients, I instructed him to make a comprehensive list of all of the audition requirements for each […]

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Does Holiday Music Count?

Never tell anyone important that you performed a virtual holiday concert for your Bubbe and the other seniors at her retirement home! Right? Over the past holiday season, a teen who couldn’t visit his grandmother in person (because, pandemic!) planned a little virtual holiday concert for her and her friends. He told me about it […]

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Virtual Auditions – Yes or No?

“I am not taking the All-State audition this year. It’s not worth it if it’s virtual.” I recently taught an audition preparation class to a group of teen musicians. A couple of the attendees told me that they are not preparing for this year’s All-State audition because they don’t want to bother if it’s virtual. […]

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Concert Was Canceled. Now What?

Your favorite teen musician worked their butt off, took an intense audition, WON a spot in a high-end ensemble or festival, started rehearsals, and the event was canceled. Now what? This question has suddenly become common. COVID-19 stopped musical performances and events dead in their tracks, and teens wonder what that means for their level […]

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What is a Music Resume?

Whether you plan to major in music or simply play music at the college level, every serious teen musician needs a music resume. But, what is it? A music resume is a formal account of your experience on your instrument. Through it, professors, admission directors, scholarship committees, conductors, and other professionals learn about your training […]

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Music Beat Athletics

Several years ago, a student I was teaching had a big primary goal: attend college on a field hockey scholarship. She did all of the right things – captain of a winning team, high-end field hockey camps, All-Star player in her state, and played for lots of college coaches at recruitment events. Everyone knew that […]

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Dads and Music Resumes

Wow, Dad, let’s chat. . . By the way, MY Dad is the best guy in the world. My current “beef” (do we still use that term?) is with some of the musical teens’ dads I have met recently. They are AMAZING and well-intentioned, but are making mistakes that could have a negative impact on […]

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SATs are Optional!

OR, ARE THEY. . . ? How exciting! Colleges you are interested in have announced that SATs will be optional this year (and, maybe next year, too). College-bound teens are off the hook!! Or, are they? It’s tempting to breathe a sigh of relief, sit back, and not bother taking standardized tests. After all, COVID19 […]

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