Phenomenal Private Teacher

One of the most important things you can do for your musical training is to study with a phenomenal private teacher.

Since you are reading this blog, you probably already study with someone who is an expert on your instrument – which is great! (If not, find one right away!)

But, it’s not just about having a google-able, big name on your music resume.

It is actually about the level of musicianship you will attain by doing everything your private teacher tells you to do.

Even scales. . .

Having an amazing instructor on your resume will give colleges an idea of how advanced you are. And, THAT will open doors for auditions and trial lessons.

At which point, if you haven’t done the actual work, it won’t matter what big name you have studied with. The college music department will be disappointed to discover that you are just throwing names around and wasting their time.

When one of the highest-achieving students I have ever worked with was heading off to HARVARD, I asked them for their secret to success.

The response? “I just did everything my teachers told me to do. Most kids don’t bother.”

Go to each private lesson with a notebook in hand, take great notes, ask amazing questions, and do everything your teacher recommends.

You will be ahead of your peers simply by doing the work!

What musical assignment that you HATE will you commit to doing this month? Comment below and tell me!

Your goals will thank you.

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