School Music Ensembles ROCK!

We have reached that time in the school year when classes for next fall are chosen!

It’s also a time when older teens start hearing that daunting question, “So, what are you thinking about for college?”

Regardless of what degree you are interested in pursuing, having a strong music resume will be an amazing predictor of success during your application process. And, getting started early will prevent stressful moments later!

Here’s the first (and easiest!) step:

Stay in your school’s music program, even if it is still COVID-weird.

A commitment to music through thick and thin shows a dedication to the art form and an ability to get through difficult times.

Especially during a world-wide pandemic.

While other students are becoming unmotivated, colleges will be thrilled to see that you continued with music ensembles, even during one of the weirdest times in history.

That will help to predict your success through challenging times in college and beyond!

And, predicting success is what college applications are all about.

If you haven’t done it already, go sign up for ensembles in your school music program next fall.

Then, comment below and tell me which ensembles you plan to do.

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