Med Schools Love Musicians

It might sound crazy, but medical schools are actively recruiting high-end musicians.

When you think about medical students, you probably imagine recent college graduates with degrees in biology, chemistry, or even physics.

So, why are medical schools so interested in people with music degrees?!

It’s simple – musicians know how to learn skills. They understand the importance of practicing, not only to acquire a skill, but also to maintain it.

Musicians know all too well that learning a new technique will take time and patience. It will require getting up after countless failed attempts. It will demand accepting not-so-complimentary critiques by instructors and mentors. And, it will be a long, uphill climb.

Medical schools are finding it difficult to teach typical non-musicians how to practice. But, students who have mastered a musical instrument – ANY musical instrument – are perfectly prepared to learn medical and other high-end techniques.

As it turns out, a musician’s ability to practice is a transferable skill. And, it is a skill that is becoming more and more rare.

An amazing colleague of mine holds a performance and music education degree from a world-class music school. After deciding to switch careers, he got a job at a veterinary hospital, then applied to veterinary school.

He was recently accepted into one of the top, most competitive veterinary schools in the country – with a BACHELORS DEGREE IN MUSIC.

Lots of other students with science backgrounds were NOT accepted to this program. My colleague’s high-end musical training proved to the veterinary school that he can practice for decades and constantly strive for excellence.

Combine that training with the fact that musicians are also good at math, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, listening, and accepting criticism, and you will understand why musicians make amazing medical and veterinary students.

If your musical teen wants to major in music, but you think they would make a great doctor (or, veterinarian!), let them get that music degree.

Music school is the new pre-med!

2 thoughts on “Med Schools Love Musicians

  1. My son Allan Walkey is an accomplished alto sax player. He is also a Pulmonary ICU Specialist at Boston Medical Center and a Professor of Medicine ay Boston University. We rehearse regularly with a 3 saxophone, guitar, bass and drum jazz group and play out occasionally.


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