Audition Day Nightmare

Avoid this HUGE nightmare! It’s easy to do with a simple plan.

Years ago, I was working with a brilliant, hard-working student who wanted to go to college for music performance. As I do with all of my clients, I instructed him to make a comprehensive list of all of the audition requirements for each of his auditions. I urged him to revisit this list frequently, to be absolutely certain that nothing fell through the cracks.

He assured me that he was on top of it.

The night before his first audition, his mom called me, beside herself. He WOULD NOT GET IN THE CAR. The car was packed, and they were supposed to be hitting the road.

Was he having a case of nerves? No.

While mom was waiting in the driveway, the student ran indoors to do a quick check of the audition requirements for the next day. That’s when he discovered that he hadn’t prepared a certain important element for the audition. He lost the audition for his first-choice school before he even left the driveway.

Simple planning would have avoided the whole mess!

If you have auditions coming up, make a chart of all of the requirements for each school and where these pieces overlap. Visit this chart weekly to make absolutely certain that nothing is falling through the cracks.

And, if you have already looked at the chart this week, go do it again. Just to be sure.

Not good at making a chart? I have one you can use. Shoot me an email and I will send it to you.

Want to show a pep-talk video to a teen getting ready to take auditions? I did one for you! Go watch it and send the link to your favorite teen musician.

One final tip: DO NOT blame your private teacher for not telling you what to play for each school. Instead, bring your chart to your private lesson and ask them to help you choose pieces that fulfill each requirement.

Be responsible, be attentive, be proactive, be organized, and you will be incredibly successful through this process!

Need help? Schedule an Awesome Teen Chat. It’s FREE, and you will leave motivated and empowered.

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