Does Holiday Music Count?

Never tell anyone important that you performed a virtual holiday concert for your Bubbe and the other seniors at her retirement home!


Over the past holiday season, a teen who couldn’t visit his grandmother in person (because, pandemic!) planned a little virtual holiday concert for her and her friends. He told me about it sheepishly, as if it were a musical embarrassment. And, he finished the story with, “But, I can’t put THAT on my music resume, can I?”

Of course you can!

That performance demonstrates your ability to play music in a real life situation. It shows a connection between your compassion and the skills you have worked so hard to attain. Through that virtual event, you have proven that you care about people and want to contribute to their well-being. It also shows an understanding of senior citizens and their needs during this current world crisis. And, it is a selfless act of community service which required creative problem-solving and initiative.

When you are using your training to do something wonderful, it absolutely counts! That is what music is for: celebration, connection, community, creativity, and bringing light to the people in your world.

We musicians work hard to attain skill, accumulate achievements, demonstrate knowledge, and strive for continued growth and excellence. But, it is important to remember that we do all of those things so we can sound amazing when it matters most – whether that means at a major audition or at a simple celebration.

As we put together your music resume, we will find an appropriate way to list your virtual holiday event and demonstrate that you shared your talents out of the kindness of your heart to serve your community.

What could be better than that?!

What cool event did YOU play at over the holidays? Tell me about it!

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