Concert Was Canceled. Now What?

Your favorite teen musician worked their butt off, took an intense audition, WON a spot in a high-end ensemble or festival, started rehearsals, and the event was canceled.

Now what?

This question has suddenly become common. COVID-19 stopped musical performances and events dead in their tracks, and teens wonder what that means for their level of experience (not to mention their broken hearts!).

This situation is actually NOT unprecedented.

Here in New England, we see lots of snow storms and blizzards. Events that are postponed due to weather emergencies are sometimes also snowed out on the rescheduled date. It is a huge let-down every time.

When COVID-19 hit, concerts and events were similarly shut down with very little notice. Many All-State Festivals were canceled just a few days before the musicians were due to arrive. Most of the work had already been done – practicing, auditioning, winning a spot, preparing the repertoire.

Kids were horribly disappointed.

The question they are now asking is this: can I still put that winning audition on my music resume? And, my answer is YES.

If you won an audition and were accepted into a high-end ensemble, festival, or camp, that acceptance shows your level of expertise. It is important to list that success on your music resume, but include a bullet point underneath that explains that the actual event was canceled due to COVID-19 (or a blizzard!).

Keep in mind that the people reading your music resume are musicians. All of their events were also canceled, including those of their current students. Not only will they understand your situation, but they will feel your pain and disappointment, too.

Having that big event get canceled is not your fault. But, winning a spot in that event was your big achievement. You earned it.

That success demonstrates your hard work and musicianship, and shows music departments that you have what it takes to compete at a high level.

Tell them about it.

What big event was canceled in your world?

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