SATs are Optional!

OR, ARE THEY. . . ?

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How exciting! Colleges you are interested in have announced that SATs will be optional this year (and, maybe next year, too). College-bound teens are off the hook!! Or, are they?

It’s tempting to breathe a sigh of relief, sit back, and not bother taking standardized tests. After all, COVID19 has made the process tricky at best. And, the schools understand.


Consider this: teens are COMPETING for limited spots at their dream schools. And, they are competing for scholarship money, too.

As a competitive music student, your teen knows that in order to win, you have to DO MORE than the competition. That could mean more scale practice, more repertoire, or in the case of college applications, more of the things that are optional.

Schools may not penalize students who do not submit optional information, but that doesn’t mean those things won’t count for the applicants who do submit them.

In order to become a stand-out, strong, high-achieving candidate, do ALL of it. (Even the essays about how COVID-19 has impacted your life!)

And, if you would like to hear about the list of additional things to include in the college application process, shoot me a message. Students who follow my list of extras experience outrageous success with both college acceptance and scholarship money.

Your musical teen is amazing. Let’s prove it.

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