Dads and Music Resumes

Wow, Dad, let’s chat. . .

By the way, MY Dad is the best guy in the world. My current “beef” (do we still use that term?) is with some of the musical teens’ dads I have met recently. They are AMAZING and well-intentioned, but are making mistakes that could have a negative impact on their kid’s success.

Dads (and other loving, helpful relatives) who are successful in business and extremely confident in their resume-writing skills are writing music resumes the same way they write business resumes.

Music resumes are unique in several ways. If you plan to create one without professional help, here are some things I have seen lately that you can avoid:

First, a mission statement at the top of the page is absolutely not needed. Listing the goal of “winning a scholarship to play music in college” will be more off-putting than helpful for your teen.

Second, the Education section for a music student typically includes coaches, conductors, instructors, camps, and master classes. It also lives at the bottom of the resume, rather than the top.

Third, “Mozart” is spelled with only one “Z”.

Fourth, it is helpful to have an expert’s set of eyes on the Repertoire List portion of the music resume, to ensure that all pieces are listed correctly and accurately.

Fifth, printing the resume on linen paper is no longer a requirement. (But, WOW am I impressed by the dad who came up with a box of the stuff!!)

My system for helping musical teens become wildly successful in college relies heavily on building a powerful music resume and using it to start conversations with decision-makers. I have developed templates and training sessions that help students build amazing music resumes that will make them stand out during the college application process and beyond.

Clients of mine have won scholarships to play music in college while studying something else. Others have been accepted into high-end music programs as a major, with scholarship money. Your musical teen can be wildly successful, too.

Stop making business resumes into music resumes. Let’s talk about a new approach.

Building your teen’s music resume will be exciting, motivating, and empowering. I will cheer them on.

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