Music Beat Athletics

Several years ago, a student I was teaching had a big primary goal: attend college on a field hockey scholarship.

She did all of the right things – captain of a winning team, high-end field hockey camps, All-Star player in her state, and played for lots of college coaches at recruitment events.

Everyone knew that she would be a star player in college and that field hockey would open doors for her.

As she started the college application process, coaches were mildly interested at best. Many chose not to speak with her at all.

When the acceptances came in, it became clear that not only would she not be winning a field hockey scholarship, but she also would not be realizing her dream of playing at the college level.

She was devastated. Everyone in her world was shocked.

Throughout the process, I kept forcing her to do all of the things that I teach through Music Builds Lives. I wanted her to have access to musical opportunities, should she decide to play while in college. She resisted, but eventually did follow through with all of the details that are included in my college coaching protocol.

One day, out of the blue, the Chairman of the Music Department at her first choice school called her and offered her a FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP to play in the orchestra. They did not have a flutist who could perform at a high level, and her musical experience proved that she could play the parts. They needed her.

She was thrilled. “I was hoping they would LET me play in the orchestra!”

And, her parents were beside themselves.

Your teen’s musical training can be their ticket to high-end success in any field. Let’s talk about how to make their (and YOUR!) dreams come true.

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